Implementation Specialist

We are looking for Implementation Specialists to work with clients to configure our software products to meet their labor control and payroll needs. Our software products possess immense flexibility in how a configuration can be designed. Often there is not one “correct” method. The ART is to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and use creativity and logic to select a design that will be efficient and effective.

This position is totally flexible for the right person. It could be full time, part time, mother’s hours, flex hours, etc.

Similarly, there is no specific past experience profile. You may be a poet, an artist, a programmer, a network analyst or a puzzle fiend.  That said, there are core attributes that will be immensely important to your success in this role:


  • You have the communication skills to communicate clearly (spoken and written). You understand a client’s desire to be fully informed of project progress and enjoy the timely communication role.
  • You enjoy working with people in a service environment. You are empathetic to their needs and time lines and feel tension until their needs are met.
  • You are organized, thorough and enjoy paying attention to details. You desire accuracy.
  • You have a “can do” approach that moves a project to completion on time
  • You are very comfortable with both web and PC interfaces and are a quick study learning and using software.
  • You enjoy the challenge of logic problems or solving math puzzles. You have persistence and the ability to sort through complexity in logic flow.
  • When you don’t know the answer, you are comfortable researching potential solution paths using program manuals and/or creative discussions with team mates.


  • Guiding Clients through detailed needs analysis surveys
  • Collect relevant history
  • Manage and communicate project plan internally and with client
  • Manage configuration design and implementation
  • QA/QC testing
  • Client support of “live” client operations
  • Customizing user documentation
  • User Training


See Success Attributes above. This could be your first job or your nth. The primary qualification is the ability to demonstrate that you have the attributes required to be successful in this role that demands a tension between and melding of …creativity and structure; people skills and learned technical skills; attention to detail and project delivery. If you think you would thrive in this role, we want to hear from you!!

To apply, send us your resume and what ever else you think will make make your application pop to the top.