Budgets continue shrinking in schools across America, yet compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, especially as it relates to overtime pay, is crucial. Federal, state and local governments take public and private schools to task  for noncompliance, fueled by several factors:

  • Nonexempt school employees often work more than one job
  • Employees “volunteer” for regular work activities
  • Payroll and human resources departments don’t always consider employee gap time
  • Time records are frequently inexact
  • Payroll and human resources departments are understaffed and lack the tools to implement FLSA rules correctly
Comply Track Motivate
Accurately apply FLSA rules and rates Monitor employee jobs, roles and attendance behavior Compensate correctly and fairly
Automate FMLA leave and eligibility tracking Automate FMLA leave and eligibility tracking Enhance recognition
Reduce exposure to lawsuits Reduce exposure to lawsuits. Improve responsiveness and communications
Implement union rules Allocate labor cost to specific programs, grants, projects and departments Increase productivity and employee satisfaction


Symphony’s cost-effective, elegant solution for education includes:

  • Labor cost control and automation for pay and overtime calculation
  • Centralized management for multiple unions, student workers, short term contract employees and exempt and nonexempt employees
  • Seamless integration with payroll and HR systems
  • Instant archiving for indisputable wage and hour records
  • Simplified scheduling and pay calculation
  • Multiple data collection options to keep up with a workforce on the move.