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Banking reforms enacted after the financial crisis are coming on line. Regulatory expansion is changing the fundamentals of banking. Labor represents nearly half of non-interest expenses for the average commercial bank. As growth in retail bank compensation remains above the average of the private sector, pressure  to control labor costs and better align pay to productivity increases.

Symphony offers customizable solutions designed to track and control costs, enhance productivity and motivation and satisfy regulatory responsibilities.

Symphony provides tools for financial organizations to:

Comply Track Motivate
Accurately apply FLSA rules and rates Monitor employee jobs, roles and attendance behavior Compensate correctly and fairly
Automate FMLA leave and eligibility tracking Automate FMLA leave and eligibility Enhance recognition
Reduce exposure to lawsuits Allocate labor cost to specific programs, locations, units and departments Improve responsiveness and communications
Implement employee rotation for internal control compliance Calculate pay rules accurately and consistently Increase productivity and employee satisfaction


Symphony’s cost-effective, elegant solution for financial service includes:

Strategic information for branch managers

  • Automatically transfer employees between branches
  • Easily budget leave time for mandated teller auditing
  • Control labor costs

Coverage Intelligence for head tellers

Controlling teller absenteeism and maintaining scheduled coverage for peak times is a chief concern. Symphony provides tools for head tellers to supervise tellers effectively.

Data collection anywhere employees work

Symphony offers many data collection options to keep up with a workforce on the move. If employees do not punch, they can use flexible timesheets online or through mobile apps using Employee Self Service.