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Healthcare providers have a range of diverse needs, but they all share the desire to improve job satisfaction and productivity, control labor costs, reduce compliance risk and have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time to deliver quality care.

Symphony offers customizable solutions designed to track and control costs, enhance productivity and motivation and satisfy regulatory responsibilities.

Symphony provides tools for healthcare organizations to:

Comply Track Motivate
Accurately apply FLSA rules and rates Monitor employee jobs, roles and attendance behavior Compensate correctly and fairly
Automate CMS-PBJ filing obligations Auto track job hours by employee by day Quality Scores drive Employee Pride
Measure and manage ACA eligibility Identify who is FT and make timely benefit offers Enhance retention, Reduce penalty risk
Automate FMLA leave and eligibility tracking Automate FMLA leave and eligibility Enhance recognition
Reduce exposure to lawsuits Allocate labor cost to specific programs, grants, projects, locations, units, departments and shifts Improve responsiveness and communications
Implement union rules Calculate pay rules accurately and consistently Increase productivity and employee satisfaction


Symphony’s cost-effective, elegant solution for healthcare includes:

Achieving Quality Care

Symphony offers a selection of scheduling capabilities to ensure optimal staffing levels, allowing healthcare organizations to provide the highest quality care.  The solution creates complicated, fair schedules in seconds and if required, can tune them in minutes. Plus, in an environment where retention is key and competition for great staff is high, Symphony empowers management to demonstrate fair and equitable allocation of worked and leave time.

Data collection anywhere employees work

Symphony offers many data collection options to keep up with a workforce on the move. If employees do not punch, they can use flexible timesheets online through Employee Self Service.

Automated Reporting to CMS

Under the Affordable Care Act, LTC facilities will be required to electronically submit daily staffing and monthly census data each fiscal quarter through PBJ. Our software meets all of the PBJ’s technical specifications and we offer the most reliable way to submit this information to the CMS using XML file uploads. LEARN MORE