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The needs of organizations can vary significantly across the variety of organizations that provide hospitality services. Restaurants caterers, hotels and similar organizations share the needs and desire to improve job satisfaction and productivity, control labor costs, reduce significant compliance risk and have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time to a deliver high a quality customer experience.

FLSA and ICE compliance with an hospitality environment is a significant challenge. To err creates the risk of large potential penalties, interest and damage assessments; Costs that are generally unplanned, unbudgeted and deducted directly from owner earnings

Symphony offers highly customized solutions tailored to track and control costs, enhance productivity and motivation, while meeting regulatory responsibilities.

Symphony provides tools for Hospitality organizations to:

Comply Track Motivate
Accurately apply FLSA rules and rates as well as ICE documentation Employees status, jobs, roles, and attendance behavior Compensate correctly and fairly
Automate FMLA leave and eligibility tracking Automate FMLA leave and eligibility Enhance recognition
Reduce the organization exposure to lawsuits Allocate labor cost to specific programs, grants, projects, locations, units, departments and shifts Improve responsiveness and communications
Allocate Server hours to the correct rate based on role or State vs. Fed tip credit law vis a vis Overtime Calculate and apply retroactive rates based on tip credit eligible overtime Increase productivity, employee satisfaction and retention
Handle Tips correctly Calculate pay rules accurately and consistently


Data Collection anywhere Employees work

Symphony offers many data collection options to keep up with a workforce on the move. If employees do not punch, they can use flexible time sheets online or through mobile apps using Employee Self Service.