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Accurately track production by machine, location, job or unit. Stay on top of multiple unions, complex shift or station differentials or job based pay rates.

Symphony offers highly customized solutions tailored to track and control costs, enhance productivity and motivation, while meeting regulatory responsibilities.

Symphony provides tools for manufacturing and distribution organizations to:

Comply Track Motivate
Accurately apply FLSA rules and rates Employees jobs, roles, and attendance behavior Compensate correctly and fairly
Automate FMLA leave and eligibility tracking Automate FMLA leave and eligibility Enhance recognition
Reduce the organization exposure to lawsuits Allocate labor cost to programs, jobs, projects, locations, units, departments and shifts Improve responsiveness and communications
Handle Union pay rules correctly Calculate pay rules accurately and consistently Increase productivity, employee satisfaction and retention


Achieve Production Quality

Symphony offers a selection of scheduling capabilities to ensure optimal staffing levels to meet production commitments.  Complicated, fair schedules are created in seconds and if required, tuned in minutes. Plus, in an environment where retention is key and competition for great staff is high, Symphony empowers management to demonstrate fair and equitable allocation of worked and leave time.

Data Collection anywhere Employees work

Symphony offers many data collection options to keep up with a workforce on the move from station to station between locations. If employees do not punch, they can use flexible timesheets online or through mobile apps using Employee Self Service.