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In today’s environment, the complexity of HR functions is growing exponentially. Many businesses struggle to keep up with constantly evolving HR obligations like COBRA, healthcare, FMLA, OSHA, privacy, exempt/non-exempt, FLSA treble damages liability, and more. Employer responsibilities are confusing.

Motivated employees drive business productivity and value, which leads to satisfied clients. To propel this positive cycle, an effective HR function must support employee engagement and motivation.


Focused on helping businesses enhance productivity, value and employee job satisfaction, Symphony identifies and provides access to effective integrated employer HR solutions.

Symphony provides tools that track employee information to help organizations meet internal needs and comply with employer regulatory responsibilities.

Growing companies need two things: Great people who can help them get to the next level and compliance with local, state and federal labor laws so they don’t get in hot water. Everyone needs HR.

Applicant Tracking

Find key talent that’s buried in a stack of resumes


No more manual data entry or paper for new hires

Benefits Enrollment
Automate the data while improving the experience

Carrier Feed Connection
Save time and keep data in alignment with carrier


Happier employees and less paper for HR

Perfectly suited for small and mid-sized clients. Symphony InConcert has functionality to handle HR of all complexities including organization level set-up hierarchy. Employee self-service gives your employees access to all their information, pay history, company documents, and more.

Reach Your Goals in Harmony

and Leave your Frustrations Behind

Integrated HRIS

Gain the HR tools that enable you to organize, maintain, and track employee records from application to retirement in an integrated fashion.

  • Write job descriptions and open job listings
  • Purchase job listings on the boards you need
  • Automate the entry of scoring of applicant responses
  • Track applicant communication and assessment
  • Automate the new hire process flow
  • Single maintenance of HR, payroll and attendance
  • Build a historical record to support regulatory obligations and employee work participation experience

HR Management gives you the ability to track and report on vital employee personal information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injury occurrences and much more. Payroll and HR share one common database, eliminating duplicate entry and the need for customized imports.

HR Management is the ideal resource to enhance the productivity of your HR function while providing enhanced benefit service to your employees.

 Concierge service providing intuitive technology orchestrated to bring harmony to your HR tasks.

PayGo Worker Compensation

For many businesses, workers compensation is a large expense and a significant cash flow drain. Traditional worker compensation practices are painful due to:

  • Large up-front deposits
  • Short payment terms for premium balances
  • Complicated and time consuming audits often resulting in additional large, unplanned post-policy premiums
  • Claims histories  that are difficult to track and bring to a close

Symphony reduces the pain and preserves cash. Manage your expenditures with our PayGoWC program, which offers qualifying businesses:

  • Elimination of up-front deposits
  • Premiums calculated and remitted with each payroll based on the wages you actually pay to keep cash in your business
  • Elimination of unplanned surprises upon audit
  • Visibility into worker compensation insurance expenses across any period of time
  • Insight into accidents so you can catch errors, improve experience ratings  and reduce future costs
  • Employee claim monitoring and management capabilities with Symphony’s integrated HRIS Solution

Symphony provides the systems to calculate premiums due, report liabilities and remit payment without expanding the administrative burden on your staff.

Why Growing Companies Choose Symphony InConcert

You see life through an entrepreneur’s lens. Whether you have your own company or are growing an existing one, Symphony’s SMB focus fits your objective of managing HR needs for optimal effectiveness with minimal cost. With Symphony InConcert, automation provides you an intuitive, easy of use system, with self-service feature facilitating employee engagement, eliminating paper-based time and cost and errors.

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