Gain the HR tools that enable you to organize, maintain, effective date and track employee records from application to retirement in an integrated fashion.

  • Write job decriptions and help wanted advertising listings
  • Purchase job listings on the boards you need
  • Automate the entry of scoring of applicant responses
  • Track applicant communication and assessment
  • Automate the new hire process flow
  • Automate populate payroll, attendance and HRIS systems
  • Build a historical record to support regulatory obligations and employee work participation experience

HR Management gives you the ability to track and report on vital employee personal information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injury occurrences and much more. Payroll and HR share one common database, eliminating duplicate entry and the need for customized imports. It boasts an integrated report writer, creating an extremely powerful HR management tool enabling HR professionals to comply with internal and external reporting requirements.

HR Management is the ideal resource to enhance the productivity of your HR function while providing enhanced benefit service to your employees.

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