Employee Benefits – PayGo Worker Compensation

For many businesses, workers compensation is a large expense and a significant cash flow drain. Traditional worker compensation practices are painful due to:

  • Large up-front deposits
  • Short payment terms for premium balances
  • Complicated and time consuming audits often resulting in  large, unplanned additional premiums
  • Claims histories  that are difficult to track and bring to a close

Symphony reduces the pain and preserves cash. Manage your expenditures with our PayGoWC program, which offers qualifying businesses:

  • Elimination of up-front deposits
  • Premiums calculated and remitted with each payroll based on the wages you actually pay to keep cash in your business
  • Elimination of unplanned surprises upon audit
  • Visibility into worker compensation insurance expenses across any period of time
  • Insight into accidents so you can catch errors, improve experience ratings  and reduce future costs
  • Employee claim monitoring and management capabilities with Symphony’s integrated HRIS Solution

Symphony provides the systems to calculate premiums due, report liabilities and remit payment without expanding the administrative burden on your staff.

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