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From FFCRA credits to COBRA extensions, loan tracking and other complicated calculations, government stimulus efforts add exponential complexity to employer collection, disbursement and reporting.

Symphony has a host of services to help payroll professionals manage these increasing complexities while avoiding costly compliance mistakes and minimizing risk

How Can Symphony Help?

Employee Self-Service

Providing secure, web-based access to historical employee payroll information any time, anywhere, Employee Self-Service provides the ideal resource to enhance your payroll office productivity.

Employer Benefits

  • Save time and money with Paperless payroll processes
  • Reduce staff time required to field employee questions and requests
  • Improve security beyond the paper-based voucher
  • Extend access for geographically dispersed employees from any internet-enabled device including PCs, Macs, smart phones and tablets.

Employee Benefits

  • Full chronological annual archive of all pay stubs
  • Archive of W2 forms received since start of Symphony service
  • Access to current employee information entries and W-4 settings
  • Ability to enter and request changes to current settings
  • Visibility into current paid time off accrual balances

Pure Payroll

Designed to offer streamlined service, Symphony’s Pure Payroll is simple to implement and manage, yet robust enough to relieve companies with fewer than 40 employees (or larger organizations with undemanding needs) from the complexities of employer obligations and liabilities.

Have a growing business? Not a problem! Pure Payroll offers seamless transition to the capabilities of Middle Market Payroll.

When speaking with your personal Payroll Specialist, you will experience old-fashioned hand-in-hand support and receive answers to all your questions and payroll and employment needs. Our service is timely, accurate and backed by a penalty and interest tax payment guarantee you can count on.

If you are looking for the capability to handle more complexity, explore our Middle Market Payroll service.

    Middle Market Payroll

    Designed for companies with more than 30 employees (or with fewer employees but expanded needs), Symphony’s Middle Market Payroll service provides the convenience, flexibility and control of a SaaS-based multi-user, in-house solution with the benefits of outsourcing your payroll. Imagine the convenience of having a fully hosted payroll solution, integrated with hiring, HR, time management, scheduling, leave management and reporting capabilities, to easily handle operations including:

    • Rapid data entry or import
    • Payroll entry at multiple sites simultaneously (ideal for franchises or multi-site operations
    • Five levels of distribution – companies, divisions, branches, departments and teams
    • Job reporting
    • On-demand payroll reports
    • Consolidated reporting – you can even consolidate multiple companies with different Federal IDs
    • Common Paymaster – reduce costs when moving an employee within a group of related corporations. Pay FICA and FUTA taxes as if the employee is paid by a single employer.
    • Flexible yet robust paid time off accrual and tracking
    • Certified payrolls
    • Reciprocal state unemployment

    Symphony’s Middle Market Payroll gives you unparalleled usability coupled with reliable and personalized support from our Payroll Specialists for all your payroll and employment needs. Our tax service is timely, accurate and backed by a penalty and interest payment guarantee.

    If you are looking for a more streamlined service, explore our Pure Payroll option.

    Franchise Payroll

    Symphony provides a payroll/employer solution ideal for managing the decentralized nature of a franchise system.

    Enhanced control provides a multi-branch franchisee with the capabilities to monitor activity, benchmark locations, analyze results, improve Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance, capture payroll-based group purchase programs and reduce payroll administration expenses.

    System-wide franchisee participation provides franchisee co-operative groups with additional capabilities to benchmark franchises, analyze results, improve franchisee business consulting, and explore system wide workers compensation insurance plans as well as other payroll based services such as pension options and section 125/132 plans.

    Consolidated Payroll Capabilities Include:

    • Centralization – payroll may be input locally but monitored and approved centrally
    • Flexible funding – each location’s payroll may be funded from local bank accounts or from a central account – all handled automatically by ACH
    • Consolidation – Symphony can consolidate the payroll activity of multiple franchise locations even if locations operate under multiple Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), and can run consolidated reports for one or multiple organizations allowing larger franchise operators to better manage labor costs and create more effective management reports
    • Common Paymaster – reduce costs when moving an employee within a group of related corporations. Pay FICA and FUTA taxes as if the employee is paid by a single employer.
    • Automation – Symphony can automatically consolidate multiple payrolls running under the same EIN for tax reporting and filing purposes, significantly reducing compliance costs while increasing compliance accuracy

    Tax Services


    Be sure that your taxes are paid on time!

    TaxSure calculates, schedules and deposits taxes on a timely basis, taking care of all your federal, state and local requirements. Our accuracy is guaranteed, ensuring that your tax returns are handled when due. The best part is that we address any tax notices generated during our stewardship, taking responsibility and paying for  any tax penalties or interest incurred from our errors.

    Ask about our ability to handle complex multi-company consolidated tax filings.

    TaxSure includes the following tax services in all US states and possessions:

    • EFTPS tax deposit service
    • State calculations and filings
    • Local calculations and filings
    • Quarterly 940/941s, wage detail mag media filing
    • W-2/W-3 printing & mag media filings
    • Annual 1095b/c reporting
    • 1099-MISC and 1099-R printing with mag media filing
    • Single state or multi-state new hire reporting

    Banking Services

    Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Services

    Direct Deposit: Employees have the convenience and security of knowing that their net pay will directly deposit into their bank account(s) on the morning of the pay date.

    Employers who have 100 percent direct deposit participation save on payroll courier costs, the expense of check distribution and best of all eliminate employee mid-day runs to their bank to deposit checks.

    Trust Account Service: Avoid the monthly accounting cost of tracking, reconciling and storing payroll checks. Symphony’s Trust Account service provides full service payroll checks. We create them, track them, reconcile the account and archive the checks. Get a high level of confidentiality without administrative details.

    Pay Cards – Employee Payment Cards: Eliminate the expense of collating, distributing and delivering paper checks to employees who do not have a banking relationship.

    401K Deferrals: Eliminate the costs of calculating, creating and mailing 401k deferral submission checks. Symphony will provide a deposit report to you and seamlessly handle the timely electronic transfer of funds to the 401K provider. Accurate, timely and off the to-do list.

    Child Support Payments: Employers are facing a dramatic increase in the number of child support withholding orders. These orders are costly to implement and administer.

    Eliminate the costs of tracking, calculating, creating and mailing child support payments. Symphony will calculate and create a payment for each withholding order via check or digital payment. Symphony will provide a deposit report to you and seamlessly handle the transfer of funds to the appropriate agencies. Accurate, timely and off the to-do list.

    Miscellaneous Agency Payments: To help reduce administration time and expense, Symphony can transmit one-time or regular payments. Whether paid by check or electronic transfer, Symphony calculates, creates and deliver it accurately and on time.


    First, let’s be clear… it is your data, you should have 24/7 access.

    Nobody wants to pump out reams of paper every payroll, which requires organization, filing and storage space. Symphony works with each client to select only those reports that help successfully manage their business.

    Reporting Options Include:

    Standard Activity Reports: Symphony maintains a broad offering of standard activity reports including personnel registers, payroll registers, tax liability summaries, time-off accruals, individual earnings and deductions, change listings and many others.

    Standard Management Reports: Beyond period activity, Symphony maintains an extensive offering of management reports to help make decisions. Clients may select reports that detail labor distributions by division, branch, department, team or any combination of detailed job costing, tip management, time-off accruals, balances or histories, target earnings and deductions control and general ledger reports.

    Custom Reports: For clients with unique information requirements that our standard report library cannot meet, Symphony provides a robust report writer capability with access to all data fields. For those clients who are not comfortable creating custom reports, Symphony offers custom report professional services.

    Import File Reports: Symphony can identify data that is most useful when imported into another system. Reports generate data that may be imported into a database, spreadsheet, accounting or other software system.

    Third Party data feeds:  We can create a submission file that meets your administrator’s specific format requirements, produce this file each payroll run, and transmit it electronically to the administrator. Timely transmittal translates into faster recognition of 401k deposits. Participant dollars have the potential to start earning investment returns more quickly. It is automated, accurate, efficient and taken care of.

    Self Service Support:  Symphony provides reports or access to reports that collect the data required to complete the calculations necessary to submit pension and benefit plan deferrals to an administrator. As a result, clients save time and maintain control of the submission process.

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