Banking Services

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Services

Direct Deposit: Employees have the convenience and security of knowing that their net pay will directly deposit into their bank account(s) on the morning of the pay date. Each employee may provide instructions to deposit the sum of their net pay into one or more accounts (checking or savings) in one or more banks.

Employers who have 100 percent direct deposit participation save on payroll courier costs, the expense of check distribution and best of all eliminate employee mid-day runs to their bank to deposit checks.

Pay Cards – Employee Payment Cards: Eliminate the expense of collating, distributing and delivering paper checks to employees who do not have direct deposit options at their bank. The system issues pay cards once and reloads them each payroll. Employees can cancel and easily replace lost cards.

401K Deferrals: Eliminate the costs of calculating, creating and mailing 401k deferral submission checks. Symphony will provide a deposit report to you and seamlessly handle the timely electronic transfer of funds to the 401K provider. Accurate, timely and off the to-do list.

Child Support Payments: With stricter laws that make wage withholding to pay child support the rule rather than the exception, employers are facing a dramatic increase in the number of child support withholding orders. These orders are costly to implement and administer.

Eliminate the costs of tracking, calculating, creating and mailing child support payments. Symphony will calculate and create checks for each withholding order. If the Agency will accept electronic payments, Symphony will provide a deposit report to you and seamlessly handle the timely electronic transfer of funds to the appropriate agencies. Accurate, timely and off the to-do list.

Miscellaneous Agency Payments: To help reduce administration time and expense, Symphony can transmit one-time or regular payments. Whether paid by check or electronic transfer, Symphony calculates, creates and deliver it accurately and on time.

Trust Account Service: Avoid the monthly accounting cost of tracking, reconciling and storing payroll checks. Symphony’s Trust Account service provides full service payroll checks. We create them, track them until they clear our bank account, reconcile the account and archive the checks. You get a high level of confidentiality without administrative details.

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