Franchise Payroll

Symphony provides a payroll/employer solution ideal for managing the decentralized nature of a franchise system.

Enhanced control provides a multi-branch franchisee with the capabilities to monitor activity, benchmark locations, analyze results, improve Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance, capture payroll-based group purchase programs and reduce payroll administration expenses.

System-wide franchisee participation provides franchisee co-operative groups with additional capabilities to benchmark franchises, analyze results, improve franchisee business consulting, and explore system wide workers compensation insurance plans as well as other payroll based services such as pension options and section 125/132 plans.

Consolidated Payroll Capabilities Include:

  • Centralization – payroll may be input locally but monitored and approved centrally
  • Flexible funding – each location’s payroll may be funded from local bank accounts or from a central account – all handled automatically by ACH
  • Consolidation – Symphony can consolidate the payroll activity of multiple franchise locations even if locations operate under multiple Employer Indentification Numbers (EINs), and can run consolidated reports for one or multiple organizations allowing larger franchise operators to better manage labor costs and create more effective management reports
  • Automation – Symphony can automatically consolidate multiple payrolls running under the same EIN for tax reporting and filing purposes, significantly reducing compliance costs while increasing compliance accuracy

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