First, let’s be clear… it is your data, you should have 24/7 access.

Nobody wants to pump out reams of paper every payroll, which requires organization, filing and storage space. Symphony works with each client to select only those reports that help successfully manage their business.

Reporting Options Include:

Standard Activity Reports: Symphony maintains a broad offering of standard activity reports including personnel registers, payroll registers, tax liability summaries, time-off accruals, individual earnings and deductions, change listings and many others.

Standard Management Reports: Beyond period activity, Symphony maintains an extensive offering of management reports to help make decisions. Clients may select reports that detail labor distributions by division, branch, department, team or any combination of detailed job costing, tip management, time-off accruals, balances or histories, target earnings and deductions control and general ledger reports.

Custom Reports: For clients with unique information requirements that our standard report library cannot meet, Symphony provides a robust report writer capability with access to all data fields. For those clients who are not comfortable creating custom reports, Symphony offers custom report professional services.

Import File Reports: Symphony can identify data that is most useful when imported into another system. Reports generate data that may be imported into a database, spreadsheet, accounting or other software system.

Third Party data feeds:  We can create a submission file that meets your administrator’s specific format requirements, produce this file each payroll run, and transmit it electronically to the administrator. Timely transmittal translates into faster recognition of 401k deposits. Participant dollars have the potential to start earning investment returns more quickly. It is automated, accurate, efficient and taken care of.

Self Service Support:  Symphony provides reports or access to reports that collect the data required to complete the calculations necessary to submit pension and benefit plan deferrals to an administrator. As a result, clients save time and maintain control of the submission process.

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