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Maximize your workforce effectiveness with automated data processing. Simplify and expedite payroll, improve employee productivity, and increase engagement.

Symphony’s InConcert Solution Delivers a workforce management solution with a human-centered workflow in real time

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Symphony offers single maintenance solutions to meet the needs of simple to very complex pay rule environments… Easy to learn, simple to use and accessible anytime, anywhere, these solutions provide the power to:

  • Work in real time to control labor costs
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Minimize compliance risk with consistency and accuracy


Whether you work in a 24/7 staffing environment that demands a system to manage shift differentials, multiple pay rates, integrated scheduling, attendance behavior, benefit accruals, coverage budgets and industry compliance… or simply want to calculate time cards accurately and fairly, Symphony’s tools are customizable to meet your unique business needs and requirements and will automatically scale as you grow.


    Symphony’s labor control solutions seamlessly integrate with time collection, scheduling and employee self-service as well as payroll and HR. Custom views, real-time dashboard gauges and analytics allow you to easily gather and share information at any time, including:

    • Up-to-the-minute status information for individual employees
    • Custom reports for any time frame
    • Archived personnel information


    Symphony’s SaaS-delivered labor control solutions save you money by:

    • Reducing IT footprint, maintenance and support costs
    • Eliminating software licensing costs for operating systems, security, databases and  periodic updates
    • Eradicating data integrity/duplication costs and concerns with 99+% uptime redundant 365/24/7 data centers that operate with bank class physical and digital security.

    Symphony’s Time Management solutions provides a secure, modern, personalized experience to improve your workforce productivity.


    Affordable Care Act (PPACA):

    Which Employers need to be compliant?: Employers with 50 or more employees (including organizations related by common control), when including full time employees plus part time employees converted into full-time equivalents (FTEs).

    Which Employees are Eligible?: Any employee who works more than an average of 30 hours per week in a month is Full-Time for the ACA. There are safe harbors that an employer can choose when making this determination.

    Solution: Symphony provides tools to automate the four key compliance components that an employer must monitor to avoid penalties:

    1. Is my organization a “large employer” under the ACA?
    2. Which Employees are full-time and require a health insurance offer?
    3. When does a new employee need an offer of health Insurance?
    4. Is each employee’s contribution “affordable” under the ACA?

    » Explore the tools to manage the Affordable Care Act

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA):

    What Employers are covered: Employers with 50 or more employees (including organizations related by common control), within a radius of 75 miles, are required to provide Family Medical Leave.

    Which Employees are Eligible?: Employees who have worked 1250 or more hours in the past 12 months of employment, have a covered condition and provide supporting documentation within 30 days of the time off, are eligible to take up to 480 hours of unpaid time off in blocks or short increments of time.

    Solution: Symphony provides tools to automate the allocation, tracking, addressing and retro-active modification of FMLA leave based on the verification of trailing documentation.

    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) + State Wage & Hour laws:

    Problem: According to Department of Labor statistics, more than 80% of all employers are non-compliant with federal and state wage & hour laws. The key areas of non-compliance that DOL has identified are:

    • Unpaid overtime
    • Underpaid overtime using a wage that is less than required
    • Unpaid “Off-the-Clock” Work
    • Unpaid Donning & Doffing Time
    • Unpaid Travel
    • Tip Calculations and/or Pooling Violations
    • Attendance Documentation

    In the current “internet” world of trolling lawyers, DOL target industries and employee access to internet education, employers need to focus on compliance or be prepared to pay the consequences.

    Solution: Symphony offers tools to mange compliance to Federal and State wage and hour regulations in an automated fashion.


    Getting the right person, with the right skills or certifications in the right place at the right time can be a daunting exercise with pen and paper or even a spreadsheet.

    Symphony offers solutions to ensure your organization has the coverage you need without conflicts or service risk. Provide supervisors with the tools to see exceptions from daily schedules in real time, so they can address them before they become an expense.

    Base Scheduling: Allow supervisors to schedule effectively and efficiently focusing on exceptions.

    • Create individual or group schedule patterns that repeat across any number of days, weeks or months automatically
    • Gain full visibility into transfers, employee sharing and approved time off while scheduling
    • Create or change employee schedules right from their time cards
    • Schedule individual shifts quickly with preset quick schedules and benefit schedules
    • Inform employees with employee self service

    Coverage Scheduling: Bring organization budget and performance metrics to life.

    • Schedule to daily occupancy or volume counts
    • Schedule to organization coverage budgets for precision and alignment of management goals from budget, to schedule to actual time worked
    • Manage service standards, regulatory risk or union compliance

    Automated SNAP Scheduling: Automatically turn organization parameters, employee preferences and customer demand into an optimized schedule.

    • Manage employee shift schedules based on location/unit/shift needs, employee preferences, rotations, clusters, weekends/rotations owed, weekend/rotation fairness, min/max settings, multiple skills and much, much more
    • Post open shifts for employee shift bidding or selection
    • Empower employees to self-schedule during “opt-in” period
    •  Cost out schedules before they are worked

    Symphony has the tools to solve your scheduling puzzle for controlled cost, increased productivity, raised compliance and enhanced employee satisfaction.

    Leave Management

    Manually administered leave programs are costly to manage, prone to errors and often leave employees feeling a lack of fairness and consistency.

    Symphony offers powerful technology to facilitate more streamlined leave management, allowing supervisors to manage multiple employee leave policies in real time. Employees have the ability to request leave through Employee Self Service. Supervisors and administrators have the tools and information access to evaluate eligibility, grant/deny approval, schedule approvals and communicate decisions effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner.

    Work in Real Time: With Symphony’s leave management solution, supervisors can approve or reject requests for time off as employees submit them.. The technology fairly and consistently applies rules and automatically notifies employees as it processes requests. Supervisors can view time earned, time taken and time remaining for each employee in real time. Managers can also instantly access an employee’s leave request history, departmental schedules during the requested time period and other pending leave requests for accurate application of policies.

    Reduced Costs: Symphony automates leave policies, and eliminates cumbersome approval and record-keeping, which reduces administrative costs. In addition, on-leave compensation is more accurately applied, eliminating the potential for paid leave abuses.

    Information for Better Decision Making: Symphony helps decision makers identify leave abuse patterns and trends using detailed on-demand reports. A leave request dashboard supplies statistical information about the number of employees scheduled to work and scheduled for absence. This information helps supervisors decide whether to approve or deny specific leave requests.

    Flexibility: Symphony helps to manage FMLA, intermittent and multiple leave benefits concurrently. Different leave request rules apply to different groups of employees. For example, if salaried employees can take sick, personal, floating holidays, and vacation days and hourly employees can take leave and floating holidays, the system automates the different rules.

    Employee Self-Service

    Reduce the burden on your supervisors payroll and HR staff with Employee Self Service. Allow employees to access attendance information from home, on the road or anywhere they have an internet connection by computer, smart phone or tablet. With this tool, employees can:

    • Punch, transfer and access their schedules or archived time card history, benefit balances and current time card
    • Automate leave requests
    • Empower mobile employees to allocate time by location, unit, task or job
    • Collect important information from the field

    Empowering employees to better manage the balance between life at work and at home leads to increased productivity through job satisfaction and improved retention.

    Data Collection

    For today’s mobile world, Symphony provides options to stay connected with your employees when and where it is most convenient for all.

    Clocks: Select from multiple sizes, formats and capabilities including:

    • Pin punch
    • Mag stripe, bar code and proximity
    • Biometric finger or hand readers

    Web Collection: Collect employee data from their desk, their home or on the road

    • Punch
    • Transfer, time allocation
    • Mileage, expenses, tips, custom data
    • Employee self service functionality

    Mobile Apps (Smart Phone or Tablets):

    • Punch
    • GPS location transactions
    • Employee self service functionality

    Telephone Collection:

    • Punch
    • Transfer, team transfer
    • Single call pass and punch
    • Absence notification

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