Leave Management

Manually administered leave programs are costly to manage, prone to errors and often leave employees feeling a lack of fairness and consistency.

Symphony offers powerful technology to facilitate more streamlined leave management, allowing supervisors to manage multiple employee leave policies in real time. Employees have the ability to request leave through Employee Self Service. Supervisors and administrators have the tools and information access to evaluate eligibility, grant/deny approval, schedule approvals and communicate decisions effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Work in Real Time: With Symphony’s leave management solution, supervisors can approve or reject requests for time off as employees submit them.. The technology fairly and consistently applies rules and automatically notifies employees as it processes requests. Supervisors can view time earned, time taken and time remaining for each employee in real time. Managers can also instantly access an employee’s leave request history, departmental schedules during the requested time period and other pending leave requests for accurate application of policies.

Reduced Costs: Symphony automates leave policies, and eliminates cumbersome approval and record-keeping, which reduces administrative costs. In addition, on-leave compensation is more accurately applied, eliminating the potential for paid leave abuses.

Information for Better Decision Making: Symphony helps decision makers identify leave abuse patterns and trends using detailed on-demand reports. A leave request dashboard supplies statistical information about the number of employees scheduled to work and scheduled for absence. This information helps supervisors decide whether to approve or deny specific leave requests.

Flexibility: Symphony helps to manage FMLA, intermittent and multiple leave benefits concurrently. Different leave request rules apply to different groups of employees. For example, if salaried employees can take sick, personal, floating holidays, and vacation days and hourly employees can take leave and floating holidays, the system automates the different rules.

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