Getting the right person, with the right skills or certifications in the right place at the right time can be a daunting exercise with pen and paper or even a spreadsheet. Symphony offers solutions to ensure your organization has the coverage you need without conflicts or service risk. Provide supervisors with the tools to see exceptions from daily schedules in real time, so they can address them before they become an expense. Base Scheduling: Allow supervisors to schedule effectively and efficiently focusing on exceptions.
  • Create individual or group schedule patterns that repeat across any number of days, weeks or months automatically
  • Gain full visibility into transfers, employee sharing and approved time off while scheduling
  • Create or change employee schedules right from their time cards
  • Schedule individual shifts quickly with preset quick schedules and benefit schedules
  • Inform employees with employee self service
Coverage Scheduling: Bring organization budget and performance metrics to life.
  • Schedule to daily occupancy or volume counts
  • Schedule to organization coverage budgets for precision and alignment of management goals from budget, to schedule to actual time worked
  • Manage service standards, regulatory risk or union compliance
Automated SNAP Scheduling: Automatically turn organization parameters, employee preferences and customer demand into an optimized schedule.
  • Manage employee shift schedules based on location/unit/shift needs, employee preferences, rotations, clusters, weekends/rotations owed, weekend/rotation fairness, min/max settings, multiple skills and much, much more
  • Post open shifts for employee shift bidding or selection
  • Empower employees to self-schedule during “opt-in” period
  •  Cost out schedules before they are worked
Symphony has the tools to solve your scheduling puzzle for controlled cost, increased productivity, raised compliance and enhanced employee satisfaction.

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