Why Symphony?

Most labor management systems only provide a historical view of employee time. Once you see these reports, it’s too late to make a change – you’ve already paid for the work.

Symphony is different.

InConcert, Symphony’s real-time comprehensive labor management solution, provides live labor management data so you can identify and address errors before they become costly mistakes.

Using tools that include schedules, dashboards, news items,  interactive summaries and reports, Symphony’s InConcert enables you to identify, react, and change trends and contributing behaviors to save time and money through the following steps:

1. Uncover the Problem

Uncover the Problem
With access to real-time data, InConcert helps you pinpoint where and when excess wages originate and proactively identify areas for change.

2. Create a Process to Prevent the Problem

Create a Process to Prevent the Problem
Symphony designs a customized process and corresponding InConcert toolkit to set rules and restrictions that manage employee behavior to optimize labor costs.

3. Track Progress

Track Your Progress
Symphony’s InConcert comprehensive labor management solution includes the most advanced and intelligent notification tools to optimize labor costs. Empowered with real-time visibility, managers and supervisors can compare scheduled to actual hours paid, track employee behaviors and take corrective actions when necessary during a payroll period.

4. Measure the Results

Measure the Results
InConcert offers detailed reporting capabilities to track and document dollars saved as a result of implemented actions and changed behaviors.